How to Wear a Bolo Tie

How to Wear a Bolo Tie in 2018

March 22, 2018

Times are changing fast. We’ve already settled all the wild and beautiful lands of the American West, and yet every day brings a new frontier. We’re launching electric cars into space and the classics from our past are becoming the icons of our present as we canonize vintage movies, songs, and fashions into the pantheon of timelessness.

The bolo tie, one such classic icon, is reflective of our American spirit and ingenuity; it’s simple, robust, and does the trick. There’s nothing fancy about the tie itself, though they can certainly dress up. Practical, tough, and elegant, the bolo tie is a symbol of western fashion and philosophy.

So how do you wear a bolo tie? When do you wear a bolo tie, and why do you wear a bolo tie? Well, if you’re going to wear a bolo tie you’re probably also the kind of person who doesn’t need anyone to tell you how to do it, although we’ll give you some great ways to get started.

The bolo tie has been part of more fashion movements than we can count, and looked good in all of them. Bolos, since the original western ties, have been worn by rockabilly revivalists, British greasers, hip hop artists, Hollywood stars, real-life cowboys, Wall Street businessmen, football players, fashion models, and even your own grandpa – and he looked great doing it.

The Traditional Bolo Tie

Worn with class and confidence, a traditionally worn bolo tie will accent your suit or outfit, bringing more than a hint of western. Traditionally, bolo ties are worn like any other tie, with a collared shirt buttoned to the top and the tie firm to your neck.

It is recommended to keep beards short enough to actually see bolo ties.

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Bolo ties are great for any party, wedding, or business event. With a bolo tie you can have fun with your style and add a western edge to a formal outfit. Not to mention, people will notice, and you’ll be distinguished all the more for it.

Ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed man... with a bolo tie.

A deconstructed look for a traditional bolo tie.

With just the right amount of class, this look features the traditional bolo tie style. Lucchese crocodile boots, a Greg Jensen buckle set, and the Pinto Ranch YY Collection shirt give a stately foundation to your outfit, while 34 Heritage jeans and the Pinto Ranch plaid western sport coat give you a modern, understated edge. Tie it all together with the Silver King Oval Onyx bolo tie and steal the show.

The Casual Bolo Tie

Westerners are casual. It’s just how we are. We’re cool under pressure, keep our composure, and like to take it easy. It’s almost like we don’t even sweat!

Cowgirl meets witch. We like it.

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A loose bolo tie, worn more like a necklace, is a casual accent for any outfit. Since bolo ties come in so many styles, with endless slide and cord combinations, you can wear them with anything, almost anyway you want. Go become the coffee shop cowgirl you’ve always wanted to be.

The author of this post is very proud of coming up with "coffee shop cowgirl."

An understated, classic American look for a casually worn bolo tie.

Speaking of coffee shop cowgirls, this Stetson denim jacket is one of our favorite pieces for casual wear. Combine it with Vintage Collection’s peasant top, Miss Me skinny jeans, and a pair of Stallion Zorro boots, and you’ve got a killer casual look. Tuck a handkerchief in your pocket, throw on your new Silver King Crown Onyx bolo tie, and you’ll look cooler than James Dean. But only a little cooler.

The Unconventional Bolo Tie

As we enter the world of fashion, we leave the world of conventional use. Bolo ties, as we know them, are ties (duh), though with a little rearranging they become a choker or necklace, and can be worn in a few other ways you might even consider blasphemous.

Choker? Bolo? Porque no los dos?

Photo credit: Forever 21

Worn casually, with a fancy slide and a dressed up outfit, maybe even some Stallion Boots, your bolo tie necklace transforms your style from conventional western to rock star. In this case, the casual use of a bolo tie, with otherwise sartorial clothing also worn with understatement, make a look with a soft gravitas.

Take fashion week by storm.

Break all the rules. Go crazy. Wear a bolo tie while you do it.

Be chic and different. That’s the whole point of western culture; we’re trailblazers. Inspired by fashion, we asked ourselves, What would Calamity Jane look like at New York City’s Fashion Week? Maybe she’d wear a boho-chic top from Metric, Isabel leggings, and the Stetson Open Road hat as a fashionable foundation, pulled together by Stallion Caiman boots and a Streets Ahead chain belt. Last, and certainly not least, one of our favorite bolos that can be worn as a choker or a necklace.

The However-You-Want Bolo Tie

There’s no need to be buttoned-up to make a bolo tie work, and in many cases dressing down a little brings your bolo tie greater into the spotlight. It all depends on the message you want to send. Are you going to a wedding or to a nice party? Wear it traditionally. For more casual engagements, where you’ve got some social wiggle room, wear the bolo tie casually. Play around with it. After all, like we always say, western wears anywhere.

If you want to add a western flair to your style this year, try a bolo tie! And show us – we want to see how you wear it, and what you wear it with. You can share posts with Pinto Ranch by using the hashtag #westernwearsanywhere. And if you need a bolo tie, we’ve got you covered.

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